Learning About Metal Recycling

Learning About Metal Recycling

Make Recycling Part Of Your Next Home Remodeling Project

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Whether you're doing a major home remodeling project or getting your house ready to sell, you'll have a lot of waste materials to deal with. Keep some of that waste out of the landfill by recycling it. Depending on the type and condition of the materials, you may find something to recycle at each step of your project. Here is how to divide that remodeling waste between the junk removal and recycling services.

Have Both Junk and Recycling Bins Handy

There are some materials that just can't be recycled, such as fiberglass tubs and shower stalls. Other materials can be recycled, but you won't find a local facility that does it. For example, some places will strip the paper from drywall and recycle it while discarding the gypsum. You will find items that can be recycled locally, but plan on still having a lot of junk to throw away.

Kitchen Remodeling Projects

If doing a major kitchen upgrade, large appliances, such as the oven and refrigerator, can be sold to facilities that refurbish and resell them. Call before dropping anything off to make sure they have room for your items. If refurbishing is not an option, you may still be able to sell these large items for scrap metal.

Metal kitchen sinks can be sold for scrap metal. Porcelain sinks may be recycled if they aren't cracked or chipped. If the faucet is in good shape, an architectural salvage company may purchase it, especially if it's an older model and they can recycle the parts.

Kitchen cabinets can rarely be recycled, unless they are hardwood and in good shape. You might find a private buyer if you have a set of hardwood cabinets.

Some kitchen countertops can be recycled depending on the material and condition once removed, such as:

  • Marble and granite - These can be sold to stone countertop dealers if they weren't chipped or broken when removed. Otherwise they can be recycled to be cut into smaller sections.
  • Laminate - These countertops can't be recycled.
  • Cement - These can't be recycled unless a local facility can crush them to be used in asphalt road fill.

Stone floor tiles can be recycled if they can be removed without cracking them. Some facilities will take broken tiles and crush them for construction fill material.

Bathroom Remodeling Projects

The sinks, plumbing fixtures and countertops can be recycled depending on the materials, as with the kitchen project. A porcelain toilet or bathtub may be recycled if not cracked, chipped or stained. Fiberglass tubs and showers go straight to the landfill, but a glass shower door can be recycled if in good shape.

Floor tile can be recycled like in the kitchen. If you have carpeting in the bathroom, put that in the junk bin.

Architectural Projects

If you are building a room addition and are tearing out part of a wall or roof, some of the construction materials can be recycled.

  • Cedar and asphalt roof shingles can be recycled only if they are nearly new and haven't been damaged by weather or rot.
  • Bricks, cinder blocks and landscape stone can be recycled.
  • Roof rafters and wall framing can be recycled, especially if they're old hardwood.
  • Drywall can be recycled by facilities that strip the paper covering off.
  • Copper wiring in the walls can be recycled.

You have many opportunities to recycle materials from a home remodeling project. Do a little research on what recycling facilities are near you to reduce the amount of materials you contribute to the landfill.

For more information about clearing waste from a remodeling project, contact a company like BIZ Mechanical Complete Waste Services.


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