Learning About Metal Recycling

Learning About Metal Recycling

Moving Out Of An Old Office: How To Manage The Trash

Barry Mills

When you are moving from an old office into a new one, you'll likely have plenty of trash that needs to be hauled away. By creating a plan for trash hauling, you can get everything cleared out so you are only bringing the items you need to the new location. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you create your trash plan.

Shredding Services

If you have sensitive documents that need to be disposed of, you don't want to throw them in a dumpster. This can leave customers and clients vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. Instead, consider hiring a shredding service. This type of service destroys your documents so they are no longer legible, which means your customer and client information is safe. Check with your trash hauling company before hiring an outside service, as some trash companies also offer shredding.

Junk Removal

Broken chairs, old desks, and other large items will need their own container to be safely disposed of. Contact your trash hauling company to rent a dumpster for all of these items, and arrange to spend a day devoted to clearing these items out of your office. In some cases, you may be able to hire help from your trash haulers to load the dumpster before it is removed. Be sure that any employees helping to move these items are wearing protective gloves and sturdy shoes to prevent injuries.

Trash Removal

You may find that your office produces more trash during the time that you are packing for your move. To prevent your existing dumpster from overflowing, arrange to have an additional trash pickup the week that you pack up your office. Have the dumpster positioned by the back door of your building to help expedite the process of cleaning out the office, and be sure that you are separating recyclable items.

Recyclable Materials

Sorting recyclable materials can help your business have a positive impact on the environment as you move offices. Work with your trash hauling company to have a separate pickup for any items that can be recycled. Remember that this includes old printers, computers, phones, and other types of e-waste. You may be able to get cash back for recycling these items as well as scrap metal. Ask about any cash incentives when you book your dumpster rentals and trash pickups. The company may issue the money as a credit for your trash-hauling services, which can help your business save money on the move.

Schedule all of these services in advance so you can clear out your old office quickly and efficiently, and work with your trash hauling  company to ensure all of your waste goes to the proper facilities.


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