Learning About Metal Recycling

Learning About Metal Recycling

Tips for Recycling Lamp Parts & Fluorescent Bulbs

Barry Mills

If you own a pet store and use a lot of fluorescent bulbs to illuminate aquariums, you have probably encountered countless times that involved dealing with inoperable bulbs that needed to be replaced. Throwing away lamps and bulbs with other waste materials does not assist with the overabundance of trash that is already in landfills. Be conscientious about the environment and learn more about bulb and lamp recycling below.

Request Cartons & Return Labels with Bulb Purchases

Some manufacturers of bulbs offer a return program that involves placing used bulbs inside of cartons and shipping them back to the manufacturer so that they can be recycled. With this type of program, you will not need to worry about forking out money. The cartons that are provided include postage. Contact various bulb manufacturers and inquire about the recycling efforts that each company makes.

After locating a supplier that is conscientious about recycling, purchase all of the bulbs that you need through them. Store the cartons and postage labels inside of a closet or empty area in your store so that you can easily get your hands on them when you are ready to exchange malfunctioning bulbs for new ones. 

Inquire About Additional Recyclable Materials

If you have inoperable floor or table lamps inside of your business that are constructed of brass, copper, or another type of metal that can be recycled, throwing away the lamps if they become damaged and no longer operable may not be the smartest move. Many recycling centers welcome metal items because they can be recycled and remanufactured into other products that are useful.

Contact your bulb supplier for information about businesses that may be willing to purchase broken lamps. Even a local recycling center may be able to take the lamps off of your hands if you currently own lamps that are large in size and that contain a lot of metal pieces.

Prepare a Chart That Includes Longevity Amounts

Keeping track of the dates that you purchased lamps and bulbs will give you an idea of when you need to have your lamps inspected or when bulbs should be replaced. After preparing a chart, hang it up in your office or in the receiving area of the pet store. Inform your employees about the importance of tracking information on the chart.

As bulbs and new lamps are purchased, they should be charted. The dates and types of each item should be indicated on the chart and the amount of time that specific products usually last needs to be recorded so that you will be aware of when new products should be ordered. 


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