Learning About Metal Recycling

Learning About Metal Recycling

Grease Recycling Basics: Keeping Your Work Areas Clean And Making Your Business Cleaner

Barry Mills

Grease recycling companies cater to foodservice industries, including restaurants and grocery stores. Grease traps are found in the kitchens or basements of these buildings, where most of your business activity and cooking often takes place. Cleaning up this grease is a dirty job and can be expensive if you hire a company to do it for you. Instead, many businesses prefer to take on this task themselves by hiring a grease recycling company. Here is how your business might be able to benefit from hiring a grease recycling company.

Grease Recycling Basics 

In short, the process of cleaning grease traps and recycling the captured grease is called grease recycling. A regular schedule of cleaning your grease traps or interceptors will prevent overflow problems and maintain your compliance with local codes and regulations.

Cooking oil that is recycled is often used to make biodiesel fuel, animal feeds, soaps, pet foods, cosmetics, and other products. This means there is a significant market for recycled cooking oil, meaning that it is easy for you to find a company that recycles this type of waste for you.

Grease Collection

Grease collection is the process of removing used cooking oil, grease, and sludge from your kitchen's grease trap or interceptor. Many restaurants, hotels, schools, and other food service businesses use this service to dispose of their waste oil in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

The frequency that you should have your grease traps cleaned depends on the amount of business you do. A low-volume restaurant with a 20-lb. grease trap, for example, may only need its traps cleaned every six months, while a high-traffic restaurant will probably need more frequent cleanings.

It's also important to note that cleaning doesn't always mean removal. Depending on the volume of waste accumulated in your grease trap and whether it meets local discharge standards, your grease disposal company may be able to clean the trap on-site without removing it from the premises. Some companies even offer mobile pumping trucks that can remove the grease from your storage tanks.

Benefits of a Grease Recycling Program

When you start recycling your grease, you will be helping the environment and yourself. Your restaurant will become cleaner and more profitable, and your customers will be more satisfied. 

Here are some of the benefits of recycling your grease: 

  • Your restaurant will be cleaner 
  • Your customers' satisfaction will increase 
  • The environment will benefit 
  • Save money on waste disposal costs 

These are some of the benefits that you will get from recycling your grease. 

You can decide whether you want a grease recycling company to come to your business regularly or if you want them to come in once or twice a year. Contact a grease recycling service to start scheduling the cleanings for the traps in your business.


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